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I had Official Pest Prevention service at my previous home 12 years ago & moved their service to my current residence when I relocated. I've had their service for over 13 years & I am a very happy satisfied customer. Recently I had them come out to service my home since I had uninvited "Guest Pests" drop by. Nate took care of my GP & I was extremely grateful. The next day, Joe came by to do an inspection of my entire house to locate where these GPs were coming in. Traps were strategically set. Both technicians were extremely knowledgeable, respectful & friendly. They eased my fears and got their job done in an efficient timeframe. I highly recommend Official Pest Prevention to anyone who needs pest control service. Mish C. Sacramento, CA

They are awesome! We have had quite a pesty problem with bugs and they have never had a problem coming out. All service people coming out to our home have been friendly! Tomas and Jenn G. South Lake Tahoe, CA

What a great company!!!! The gentleman who did our work was professional, respectful and thorough. I would use them again absolutely!!!! Carrie T. Sacramento, CA

Great service from a local company. Inspectors are Very informative and the local office is responsive to your needs. Anthony A. Elk Grove, CA

Anthony is fabulous - always comes into our restaurant and starts addressing all my concerns before I even mention anything. Always knows exactly how to fix our problems and is very conscientious about what needs to be done. Michelle V. Sacramento, CA

Great service. Great worker. Highly recommend them. They come out in between if I have problems. Brush down cobwebs and I mean brush them down be spent a lot of time cleaning up the backyard. Not every pest company does that. Jamie D. Sacramento, CA

These guys are great! We love the service they provide. I would highly recommend them if you have pests and need them gone. Jarren S. Citrus Heights, CA

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