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Visalia Termite Pest Control

Visalia Termite Pest Control

If you're struggling with a termite problem at home, remember that termites can silently cause damage to your property that could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't take any chances-get in touch with a Visalia area termite pest control contractor at Official Pest Prevention today.

Termites are easily some of the oldest pests known to man and date back millions of years. Termites very silently go through wood and flooring in your home, destroying them and making them hollow from the inside out before you know it. You may not even realize that you have termites in your home, and may continue to suffer damage to your woodwork, flooring, cabinetry, shelves, wardrobes and cabinets.

Different Types of Termites

There are several different types of termites that are responsible for the kind of pest-control problems that plague a Visalia area home. Your home might suffer damage caused by conehead termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, and formosan termites.

Any home, no matter what type of construction material you have used, will offer enough food for the entire termite population. Termites are designed to consume wood and live mostly in shelves, and house foundations.

How to Termite-proof Your Home

Moisture is a major contributor to termites in your home. If there is standing water anywhere on your property, it is recommended you hire a professional pest control company like those at Official Pest Prevention to help eliminate all standing water while ensuring water is able to drain properly. Additionally, our team will assist with sealing off termite entry points, especially those located around pipes.

A termite infestation is not something that you can resolve on your own. Pest control products simply do not work on termites, and half of the challenge is locating the exact spot of the infestation around your building.

Get in touch with an experienced Official Pest Prevention termite pest control contractor when you are experiencing a termite infestation. Our pest control contractor will arrive at your home, armed with years of expertise and experience eliminating termite pests and will provide the most effective pest-control services around the Visalia area.

Call Official Pest Prevention today at 559-827-4533 and get the solution to your termite problem!